Is Student Housing a Tale of Two Markets?
Campus enrollment decline and overdevelopment fears are hurting student housing as capital sources pull back and lenders grow cautious.When Freddie...
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campus enrollment decline
Apartment Occupancy Slows in Q4
The apartment vacancy rate increased 0.1 percent to 4.7 percent in the fourth quarter, according to REIS Moody’s Analytics. It was 4.8 perce...
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apartment community
Storytelling Can Help Get Signed Leases
As marketers strive to offer experiences and lifestyles, using a story can create a genuine connection.While tech presents tremendous opportunities...
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storytelling and branding
HUD Releases 15K New Vouchers: Is There a Renewed Interest in Source of Income?
On November 20, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced that the agency would release more than 15,000 new...
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public housing
Industry Participates in Dublin Conference
Ireland is facing many of affordability issues that we’re dealing with in the U.S. Those issues, along with discussions about the growth of t...
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On-Campus Housing Supply Grows
On-campus housing supply is set to surge in some areas in the upcoming year.In comparison to off-campus housing, which is forecasted to descend...
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student housing
A Community College Builds Its Own Housing
A community college’s solution for the lack of affordable housing options for students is to create their own.In response to the shortage ...
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community college housing
Insurance Company Pushes Mandates
The apartment industry should be on the lookout for a new phrase: “Renters’ Choice.” While there are multiple inferences one could mak...
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Building Employee Retention
Investing in the onboarding and training process, as well as team-facing technology, may help to boost employee retention.Lower unemployment...
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onboarding and retention
AI & Automation: Changing the Face of Recruitment and Retention
AI-driven technologies and automation will help associates cut down on surface-level interactions for greater efficiency in lend-to-lease conversion...
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artificial intelligence
PropTech to Work with Venture Capitalists
Despite the surplus of innovative technologies available, the rental housing industry has mostly avoided the hype—unless its PropTech.Accordi...
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Luxury Student Housing Demand is Declining
The demand for luxury student housing might be drastically declining after its peak this past summer.With supply outpacing demand for luxury...
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student housing
The Lifestyles that Appeal to Millennials
Community-oriented millennials are reshaping the apartment industry as America's largest generation.“Community is really important,” said Le...
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millennial community
Mapping a Path to Career Success
Improving retention requires providing new career paths for onsite professionals. Find out how organizations and staffers can create these roles.Kristi...
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path to career success
10 Things to Expect in Property Management in 2020
Innovation in PropTechTechnology has shaped the real estate industry. In 2020, we will continue to see new and innovative technologies emerge,...
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A property manager talking with a potential resident outside of an apartment building
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