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JVM Marketing Focus: Facebook Marketplace is Intriguing

JVM Digital Marketing Focus
February 2018

We’re spending on content-driven products.

We’re spending more, but on innovative services and products. Digital media is finally taking off in apartment housing, and it’s not just about the cost of listing services, but a variety of content-driven products.

Facebook Marketplace is intriguing.

Managers are starting to dip their toes into Facebook Marketplace, in tandem or as an alternative to Craigslist. I think you will also see an increase of subtle sales via social media as well—lifestyle posts in Instagram, custom SnapChat filters. Social media has evolved in apartment housing from straight selling to resident engagement and now to brand building—which, don’t get me wrong, still includes resident engagement—with a sales-y slant.

The ‘relevancy’ of live chat and chatbots.

All of our websites now feature live chat, and we are testing chatbots via text in 2018. We hope to bring relevant information in real time to an interested prospect, and also give them an ability to set an appointment.

Don’t bring me flowers.

Watch for a change in tone in marketing collateral and on websites. I think gone are the days of flowery, over-the-top copy. Millennials have been subjected to marketing their whole lives, and they don’t want us to mince words. They want the facts and can see through “marketing speak.”

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