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The Latest and Greatest in Paint for Properties

Paint for Properties
December 2018

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, roughly 40 million people, or 14 percent of the population, relocate every year. As people move and consider various housing options, potential residents may be taking multiple apartment tours each day. Catching their eye is key and updated, fresh colors can have an immense impact on potential resident’s choice, as well as make spaces feel larger and brighter.

A fresh coat of paint puts your community top of mind for residents making housing decisions. Property managers who are in the know on emerging paint trends and accessories are a step ahead when it comes to setting their buildings up for success and retaining residents.

The Home Depot is dedicated to helping property managers save time and money, just one of the reasons we’re at the helm of trends and innovation for pros. Hew are tips to keep your community looking prime:

Before You Paint

Contemplate Color: Go Bolder. While beiges and whites remain popular for rental housing properties, darker colors are gaining speed in the space. Dark grays and navy tones can add a much-needed pop of color to the exterior of the building. Apartment and duplex managers are selecting these colors to attract residents and differentiate themselves from other buildings on the block.

Prep Innovations: Quick to Paint. The Home Depot is committed to saving pros time and money. The latest accessories on the shelves include DAP® Platinum Patch, a versatile patching compound, and X-Board Paint + Remodel, a lightweight surface protector to cover the floor. Both products are designed for durability and protection to beautify your property for new and current residents.

While You Paint

Paint and Primer in One: One-Coat Wins. Primer is essential when it comes to a long-lasting paint job, but it doesn’t have to be a separate formula. BEHR Premium Plus comes with paint and primer in one to save on time spent painting several coats on the project. Introduce your team to this all-in one solution and your residents to a paint that resists dirt and grime.

Your team will love that The Behr® Marquee brand offers the one-coat coverage and that larger quantities means fewer trips to the store. The Home Depot has an extensive line up of Behr products, offering property managers easy access to innovative materials.

New Stains: Update Floors Quickly. Color isn’t just for the walls. If your property has hardwood floors, Varathane Stain is a must-have for a quick, longlasting application. Varathane Premium Fast Dry Wood Stain will give floors a gorgeous hue with just a single coat and dries in approximately one hour. It’s a great buy to cover units as a single quart of Varathane stain can cover up to 275 square feet.

After You Paint

Paint Anywhere: Color Match In-Store to Save Time. If you own properties across the country, consistency can be difficult when it comes to matching colors across state lines. However, picking up paint is a breeze with a visit to The Home Depot’s Pro Desk.

The Home Depot now offers in-store digital matching technology that can duplicate any color – no matter the brand. This is a great resource for repainting units. Stores also record all paint colors purchased for PRO Xtra members, so you can conveniently replenish supplies for the current job or revisit older jobs at any location.

Whether you’re touching up the interior or giving the exterior a whole new look, perking up space with paint and stain is a great way to care for the building and reap the benefits right away.