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Community Assistants: Their Career Path Begins with Student Housing

Career Path
December 2018

Working as an off-campus student housing community assistant provides students with an effective path into property management.

American Campus Communities (ACC) is one of many such operators that employ an assistant, and approximately two-thirds of ACC’s General Managers began their careers as Community Assistants (CA).

“We strongly believe that our Community Assistant program equips our student staff to gain real-world professional experience in conjunction with their formal university or college education,” says Lonnie Ledbetter, Senior Vice President, HR Organizational Development and Culture, American Campus Communities.

“These student staff members enter the workforce or their post-graduate studies with effective communication and problem-solving skills that also give them a measured confidence to succeed in the next chapter of their lives.”

For this reason, Ledbetter says ACC’s graduating CAs are preferred candidates for full-time positions at ACC.

“They take Community Assistant positions with the hopes that they will eventually run their own property as a General Manager or go on to provide support and strategic vision at our corporate office,” Ledbetter says.

Community Assistants’ job duties include becoming acquainted with residents living at the property while serving as a resource for both them and their parents concerning the property, the local university or college and the greater community.

“As college students themselves, our CAs are uniquely qualified to support other college students in finding a home away from home in our communities,” Ledbetter says.

Community Assistants participate in a comprehensive training program about ACC’s business, culture and customer service.

CAs also assist in marketing campaigns, leasing efforts, Residence Life programs and communication with parents. The best candidate has an outgoing personality, strong desire to contribute and an entrepreneurial spirit, according to Ledbetter says.

Additionally, they give leasing tours, answer leasing phone calls and process online inquiries. By abiding by all American Campus Communities policies and procedures, their aim is to provide unparalleled customer service and respect for residents, Ledbetter says.

Simply put, Community Assistants help to ensure that residents have the best possible experience at ACC communities.

“We promote one of healthy living and academic success while enjoying a spirit of community,” Ledbetter says.