Mindbugs: The Ordinary Origins of Implicit Bias
You may believe that you are free of stereotypes and biases, but your mind is home to thoughts and feelings that are outside of your awareness....
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Implicit biases
Apartment Completions Set to Spike in 2020
After five years of elevated delivery volumes, the U.S. apartment market is scheduled to see completions hit an all-time high in 2020, reports...
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Local Craft Beer Craze to Pour at Minneapolis Apartments
The craft beer craze has worked its way into City Club Apartments: The 1907 Handicraft Guild Building and Assembly Hall plans to open Eleven...
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Scooter-Sharing Revs Up at Chicago Apartments
Chicago-based Hubbard Street Group (HSG) has partnered with scooter-sharing company Spin to establish a drop-off/pick-up point at The Field's...
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Eco-Cleaning Products LEED the Way for Cortland
Using toxic-free cleaning products is not just a trend – it’s becoming a priority for residents, property managers and owners. National apart...
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Eco Cleaners in Apartments
Apartment Start-Ups: Where Entrepreneurs Are Focused
When it comes to innovative real estate technology companies, many are trying to make a name for themselves. Real Estate Technology Ventures...
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‘Suite-Hearts’ Ask Leasing Agent to Marry Them on Community Grounds
What started as a joke became a symbolic gesture when a couple asked their leasing agent to marry them.Alex Miller and Nick Anshant met years...
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Apartment Wedding
10 Things I Learned at Apartmentalize
1. For a snowy state, it can get really hot.It was in the 95-degree range in Denver the entire time we were at the conference. Thank goodness...
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How Sales Personalities Affect the Team
2019 NAA National Suppliers Council Chair-Elect Kirk Downey, COO, LibertyRent shares his thoughts on sales personalities.A Challenger has a tendency...
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Sales Personalities
Communication and Trust Are Keys to Successful Selling
“Historically, our industry has been very relationship-centric. And at its root, there’s nothing wrong with that—trust is a key compon...
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Successful Selling
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