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Creating a Culture That Engages and Retains Millennials

Retains Millennials
August 2018

Some of the perceptions are fair, some not so much. But it’s difficult to argue that Millennials are unlike any previous generation in the workforce and present a different set of challenges.

They also bring a unique set of attributes.

The generation, consisting of those born between the early 1980s and late 1990s, enjoys working in groups, often values work-life balance more than money and has different values and work habits than their predecessors. But harnessing their skills – and keeping them as a part of your company—can make a profound positive impact, as discussed in the Apartmentalize session, “Creating a Culture That Engages and Retains Millennials.”

“If they’re not engaged, there’s not much happening,” says Andre O’Brien, Trainer for Dale Carnegie of Georgia. “The old saying holds true that people don’t leave companies, they leave bosses, which means that we have to give them faith and trust in anything that’s going on within the organization.”

“They have to feel valued,” he says. “They have to believe they’ll have the opportunity to learn and develop.”

A common word associated with Millennials is entitlement. They expect quick promotions, prefer digital communication to human interaction and don’t necessarily want to climb the proverbial ladder. The flipside argument is that many preceding generations possessed the same outlook when they were young. Millennials just aren’t afraid to vocalize those views.

Challenges exist either way, but Millennials can be high-performing employees when managed correctly. O’Brien recommends adding flexibility to the workday to assist with their desire for work-life balance, open and honest leadership that regularly explains the context of their role, and to provide tech to help offset any skill gap for Millennials new to the industry.

“You have to provide structure and boundaries, although with some autonomy,” he says. “Be transparent with your expectations and show them you are keeping score by providing regular, constructive feedback.”

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