IRO: How Successful Independent Rental Owners Deal With Difficult Conflicts
Staying proactive and anticipating possible scenarios can alleviate the fallout caused by disagreement.Conflict is inevitable. Regardless of...
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IRO deal with difficult conflitcts
Flood Insurance in Houston: One Year Later
Kate Good is among the apartment owners whose properties were damaged by Hurricane Harvey a year ago. The long and winding process continues...
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Flood Insurance in Houston
Survey Shows Uptick in Female Participation on REIT Boards
While the incremental shift in board composition is encouraging, there is still a long way to go to ensure true gender parity on most boards....
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Female Participation
Metal Tariff Workarounds: Overcoming the Challenge
Sheer panic struck the construction industry earlier this year when hefty tariffs were placed on imported metals. Twenty-five percent and 10...
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Metal Tariff
What Residents Would Pay to Upgrade Their Location
With job growth in and near downtown areas reaching new highs, RentCafe wanted to explore what percentage of renters are satisfied with the location...
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Upgrade Their Location
Building Better Bathrooms: How to Make Updates for Senior Residents
Entering their Golden Years and re-entering the housing market, Baby Boomers (ages 52 to 70) are an influential group to consider when making...
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Building Better Bathrooms
Creating a Culture That Engages and Retains Millennials
Some of the perceptions are fair, some not so much. But it’s difficult to argue that Millennials are unlike any previous generation in the workfor...
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Retains Millennials