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How to Be a Great Manager (or a Terrible Boss)

Great Managers
April 2019

The Predictive Index (TPI) surveyed thousands across many industries in the United States in June about their managers’ traits. Results are based on 5,103 respondents.

The 10 Traits of Bad Managers

Commonalities. Traits seen among bad managers is that they are focused largely on themselves and lack self-awareness—they’re not attuned to the impact they have on the people around them when they do things such as play favorites or bad-mouth or don’t listen to others.

Top 10 Traits of Bad Managers

The 10 Traits of Good Managers

Commonalities. Traits found most prevalent in good managers are that they tend to work hard, know how to laugh, have a positive disposition and understand how to do their jobs. Great managers are also passionate about what they do and compassionate to those around them.

Top 10 Traits of Good Managers