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10 Things We Learned About Using Tour Innovation

Tour Innovation

1. Client engagement increases.

Cross reality (XR) and mixed reality (AR, VR) technologies are changing the way that people will interact with the space around them. Engagement increases by more than 300 percent when using 3D showcases on webpages. What better way to start the leasing process than with immersive experiences that allow prospective residents to literally walk multiple spaces in less time with multiple options.

2. Leverage social media.

Virtual tour links are just the beginning. Leveraging the Facebook and Google Street View with navigable, 360-degree photos adds immediate access to market our properties. Improve conversion rates and reduce days on market by utilizing a wide exposure to free resources.

3. Technology creates options.

The 3D content can be viewed on all digital platforms, so no one misses the chance to explore. Plus, the use of VR on new headsets and gaming platforms makes that experience even more realistic.

4. Remote access, 24/7/365.

We can deliver a better prospect experience by using this technology, showcasing a more realistic image of community spaces and by helping to narrow the search to two or three top communities, all from the privacy of one’s current location.

5. Spatially relate outdoor 360-degree photos.

New innovative features allow for outdoor spaces to be included in the indoor virtual tour. So now we are able to show the rooftop and pool amenities as part of the experience, increasing engagement and potential conversion.

6. Rich content and value-added tags drive experience.

The addition of “virtual tags” embedded in the tours allow more content such as videos, photos and websites to be viewed or accessed. Community details and features can be embedded in the tags.

7. Reality capture is the basis of interaction.

Using this technology will help separate us from the competition. We want the customer experience to be as good as possible, even before they pick up the phone, email or visit.

8. Less time, more tech.

People are leaving less time to be impressed with the information. You need to get your message across in 10 seconds or less to capture the audience. Leveraging technology such as 3D tours and VR will help capture and hold the segment of the market that is using and will be using this tech in the future.

9. Choose a great provider.

Make sure your Matterport service provider has the latest equipment, which ensures the very best possible image and capably can work on a large scale. We use a member of our property management association, Commercial Image Photography. They have a great understanding of putting together a Matterport tour at large-scale apartment locations.

10. Newbies love it.

Introducing these types of experiences is typically extremely well received. It creates a memorable experience.