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Two-Thirds of Renters Use Mobile Devices to Find Apartment Communities

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Digested from “Multifamily Marketing: 5 Ways to Enhance Your Presence on Mobile”
Zillow (8/14/15) Schober, Lindsey

Mobile devices are the predominant way to access the Internet, even surpassing the desktop for online searches. This includes searching for new places to live. A Google and Millard Brown study found that two out of three renters find and compare apartment communities using mobile technology.

Part of the reason is that mobile technology is always available, so prospective residents can search for information at all hours of the day. Apartment community marketers should ensure that the community’s website is optimized for mobile devices, and is visually appealing to entice prospective residents to explore further and easily discover the information they seek. That means providing easy-to-find links, easy-to-read text (i.e., no zooming) and easy-to-consume information (e.g. fits on one or two screens, rather than scrolling down pages of content). 

Mobile optimization should also include search engine optimization, so prospective renters don’t have to hunt for information on a particular property. Google also noted it has begun to list mobile-unfriendly sites lower in its rankings.

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