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Top Marketing Tools

Top Marketing Tools

See what others are using to help drum up interest in their apartment communities and products.

There are plenty of platforms to get the word out about apartment communities. But how are marketers tracking the success of their campaigns? In-house marketers shared their preferred tracking tools for various marketing efforts with Moz in a recent survey. Here’s how things broke down, per category:

Web Analytics

No surprise — Google Analytics was far and away the preferred tool, with 91 percent of respondents utilizing the data it provides. Crazy Egg (23 percent) and WordPress Stats (20 percent) were also fairly common, and a few outliers used AWStats, Webtrends and ClickTale (6 percent each).

Social Tools

The majority of marketers are using staple platforms, such as Facebook (90 percent), Twitter (84 percent), Google+ (62 percent) and LinkedIn (58 percent). YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram are growing, with adoption between 22 to 40 percent, while Reddit, Tumblr and Quora are not yet mainstream. 

Marketers varied more widely in their use of social tools, probably because of the particular platforms used. Platform-specific Facebook Insights (58 percent) and Twitter Analytics (40 percent) were among the top three, as was Hootsuite (which covers Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and now Instagram). Twenty-seven percent of respondents also used LinkedIn Insights, and 24 percent used Buffer (a counterpart of Hootsuite).

Moz also compared the data to its last survey, conducted in late 2013. Use of many tools and platforms remained relatively unchanged. What did change: Tweetdeck is no longer a popular analytics tool, and StumbleUpon was knocked out of the top 10 social media platforms.