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Top 5 Home Tech Trends for 2017

Home Tech Trends

Digested from “CE Pro Names Top 5 Home Technology Trends & Opportunities for 2017” in CE Pro (11/22/16) by Jacobson, Julie

In 2016, smart-home technology took off, but the trend is far from played out. CE Pro named five home tech trends it thinks will break out in 2017:

1. Virtual and augmented reality.
Like gaming before it, virtual reality and augmented reality provide entertainment options, and consumers will need user interfaces at home to take advantage.

2. Internet of things device discovery and data collection.
As residents add new home tech options, their home networks will need to detect these IP devices so users can remotely monitor systems, improve network security and create artificially intelligent systems. Businesses can also use data from home systems to provide support, improve operations and target marketing.

3. Voice and other types of control.
Voice control broke out big in 2016 with the introduction of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and it will continue to dominate. In addition, CE Pro predicts that beacons, gestures and QR codes will become increasingly popular user interfaces. 

4. New business models for home tech installation.
Before 2016, people who wanted to install new home tech solutions could do it themselves, go with a large company (Geek Squad, Comcast or ADT) or hire a custom integrator to design a complex system. Now, more installation solutions are available, including same-day delivery, on-demand install, remote commissioning, pay-as-you go security monitoring and leased equipment.

5. Return of prewiring.
When the economy tanked in 2008, prewiring new construction decreased as a cost-saving measure in the burgeoning era of wireless technology. Now, prewiring is making a comeback to support applications such as 4K video and high-resolution audio demand.

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