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Tips for Photographing Your Community

Community Photography Tips

Digested from Property Management Insider

To put your property in the best light, start by making sure that the lighting is right.

In this world of high-tech digital marketing, good, old-fashioned photography is still important.

“Many renters are eyeing your website and social media platforms before they ever set foot on your property,” Ashley Tluchak writes for Property Management Insider. “They want a full picture of the space they could be legally binding themselves to [by signing a lease]. In addition to professional property website photos, real-time photos are more important than ever.”

To start, remember lighting. “Before photos are taken, you should always make sure the space is well-lit,” Tluchak writes. “For interiors, open nearby blinds and windows and take advantage of natural light. Also, showcase LED light installments to highlight an energy-saving community.”

It is also important to remember photo composition and quality. Also, focus on the community details and amenities. Finally, choose wisely when editing. 

“In case you end up with a tilted photo or bad lighting, you can enhance or adjust your photos with editing tools,” Tluchak writes. “For property photos, it’s best to stick to the basics. Increasing the brightness and contrast are good places to start, but don’t overdo it—renters will wonder if you’re hiding something.”

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