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Three Ways to Drive Applicants to Your Vacancies

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Filling vacancies is a continuous challenge for apartment owners and managers, and apartment hunting is no small task for prospective residents. With so many communities and websites to sort through, those who rent are looking for a quick and easy way to move into their new unit. The article's author offers three tips to simplify the process and help management and marketing staffers drive more applicants to their vacancies.  "An effective online visibility" is the No. 1 key.  Recent changes to Craigslist no longer allow convenient hyperlinks back to community or company websites. Prospective residents must copy and paste the link, or pick up the phone. A number of boutique websites and services have recently launched to help those in search of a new apartment, all with a common goal: simplify the process.  

The second tip is to "automate the showing of the rental."  Apartment hunters crave simplicity and convenience when it comes to viewing a new unit.  Owners and managers can streamline apartment hunting by automating the showing of a rental unit via various apps and website services, that enable prospective residents to easily schedule an appointment with property management.  

The third and final tip is to "streamline the rental application and screening process."  Once apartment seekers find their ideal place to live, it is time to demonstrate what a great member of the community they will be.  To this end, select a service that eliminates the double entry required between the rental application and the information on the resident background check. 

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