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These Tips Will Get You Through Leasing Season

Leasing Tips

With the start of peak leasing season, here are some important things to keep in mind.

With the calendar now turned to June, peak leasing season is well underway. In National Real Estate Investor, Scott Wickman, Regional Vice President of Western National Group, says now is the time to drive operating income and cash flow for the rest of the year.

The first task is investing in capital improvements, specifically in communal gathering spaces and in the interiors of empty apartment homes.

“By addressing deferred maintenance items and upgrading the common areas, owners can ensure that their properties are leased at maximum capacity by the end of the summer,” Wickman writes.

Another priority is to make sure that onsite staff is trained and ready to handle more traffic in the bustling summer months.

“Hosting workshops for existing employees, with a special focus on sharing experiences and dealing with high-pressure situations with residents, can also improve quality of service, which in turn translates to higher resident satisfaction, retention and overall occupancies,” Wickman writes.

Chad Cooley, Managing Director of Strategic Support Services at Bozzuto, tells NAA that it is important to eliminate any “noise” that distracts the onsite teams from customer service during peak leasing season.

“We don’t roll out initiatives or new programs or new technologies during the spring and summer because we really do want to be able to touch every person that comes in the door,” Cooley says. “I don’t want people working on a new roll out or new initiative or being understaffed when I have potential residents waiting to be shown their new home.”

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