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Tell Congress: Smart Tax Policy is the Key to Housing’s Future

Protect the lease tax reform

Enhancing livelihood and careers. Creating and securing jobs. Ensuring housing that’s accessible to Americans of all income levels. Advancing neighborhoods and communities. Meeting future housing demand. And promoting investment in the industry. These are just some of the ways the apartment industry contributes to the U.S. economy.

That’s why we launched the “Protect the Lease” campaign last month to remind lawmakers – as they debate a major overhaul to our tax code – what’s at stake for our industry and, ultimately, housing’s future.

Protect the lease tax reform

Given its urgency and importance, we encourage you to make your voice heard on tax reform. At, you can join the thousands of industry members who’ve already shared their stories with federal lawmakers. As one industry professional in our nation’s capital put it: “As a member of the apartment industry, I hope you will consider legislation that allows continued growth of a sector that houses nearly 40 million Americans and supports millions of jobs.”

Let Congress know why it matters to keep our industry in mind when it comes to tax reform.

Questions? Contact NAA Government Affairs.