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The Technologies in Which to Invest

Technology Investment

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Apartment operators have a lot of tech choices. One writer argues they should prioritize back office options.

From back-office systems to smart home devices to customer service bots, we are awash in technology options. For apartment owners and operators with limited budgets, that can make for some difficult investment decisions.

When faced with those choices,’s Kelsi Maree Borland argues that apartment owners should take a closer look at back-office tech.

“Investing in technology and IT can drive better productivity and make operations staff happier,” Borland writes. “Until now, most apartment owners have focused on integrating technology for residents, but technologies for staff can be equally beneficial.”

Brenda Gammie, SVP at Avanti Residential, tells Borland that apartment owners should adopt a system that encompasses all aspects of the company, from human resources to finances to operations.

“The focus is still primarily on resident-facing technology; however, we are starting to see a shift in how to embrace and empower the backhouse teams,” Gammie tells Borland. “Mobile leasing apps, customer relationship management systems, mobile service request management apps and more are becoming more popular. This significantly increases employee satisfaction.”

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