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Using Tech to Improve the Resident Experience

Resident Experience

Digested from Multifamily Insider

Chatbots and mobile apps are among the products that can help improve satisfaction and retention.

Everyone is looking to improve the experience they offer residents. It makes sense. A happy resident is more likely to stay (and tell their friends about the apartment community they live in).

And what will convince these residents to stay? Writing for Multifamily Insiders, Donald Davidoff suggests turning to smart home technology, starting with the Internet of Things. While smart tech, such as thermostats, refrigerators and doorbells get a lot of attention, offering wearables, such as FitBits, as the move-in gift can also help you score points with new residents.

Davidoff also suggests looking at Chatbots, which can be integrated into Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, mobile apps and more.

“With the help of AI-powered chatbots businesses, including multifamily operators, are better equipped to handle a variety of customer service functions,” Davidoff writes. “These ‘virtual assistants’ fulfill a resident’s desire of getting instant service and support. All of this happens while the resident is on their device [whatever device they’re using] and enables them, and you, to avoid a phone call. This leads to a better experience and lower costs.”

Mobile apps, which can allow residents to control their smart home technologies can also boost satisfaction (assuming they work correctly). “Mobile apps enhance the experience for residents and lower the costs for the provider—truly a win/win,” Davidoff writes. “A mobile app strategy can involve either building your own ‘community’ app or leveraging the growing number of ‘off the shelf’ apps that are being created for resident use.”

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