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Taking Visual Marketing to a New Level

Visual Marketing

Visual marketing is hot in real estate right now, and consumers searching for places to live on YouTube generally take community video tours first to identify where they want to live. To create a community video with a long shelf life, marketing staffers should hire a professional videographer; tone down personal and company branding, which makes videos more shareable; highlight local businesses; and interview area leaders. "How to" videos and testimonials are also popular among viewers. However, testimonials should never be coached and clients should be captured in candid, happy moments. The least viewed videos on YouTube are those about specific property professionals such as the owner, manager, or leasing agent of a particular community. In this regard, keep the focus on the potential resident's "WIIFM" (What's in it for me?) quotient.

Videos should be no more than 60 to 90 seconds in length. In addition, they should be embedded into agents' or communities' Facebook accounts, shared on other social media sites, and distributed via the ListHub and Point2 platforms. Apps like MovieMaker and Final Cut Pro can assist with production.  Social media strategist Katie Lance concludes, "Your social media strategy is not just about real estate, it's the entire picture. It's about capturing the moments in your clients' lives or in your own personal life. This is how we connect."


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