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The Superior Service Factor

Gables Residential, owner and manager of more than 31,000 apartments across the United States, was looking for consistency so it put out a bid for a paint supplier. The company was familiar with PPG Paints from its Texas repaints and other major capital projects, but PPG was not the exclusive supplier of paint products for Gables at the time. With good pricing and promises of superior service, PPG was top choice for Gables.

Gables switched to PPG Paints about 18 months ago and hasn’t looked back. “The product is fantastic and the service is great,” says Alan Maggart, Director of Procurement for Gables. “I have no negatives.”

Nonetheless, change can be unsettling for a company that is known for its colors.

“I was pretty scared going into this huge undertaking — switching paint suppliers — having to match colors for 60 percent of our needs. Product could have a different sheen or coverage,” Maggart explains. He was “pleasantly surprised” in the transition.

Early on, PPG and the Gables team visited every city with Gables properties, introduced the local dedicated sales representative and opened major accounts. Each property had to use the right product and be sure the paint matched, Maggart says. Any challenge in matching paints was met with persistence and success and the conversion was smoother than expected.

“I haven’t come across anything we haven’t been able to find,” Maggart says. “We use PPG Paints for turns, waiting vacancies and all of our new construction and exteriors.”

In addition to the paints, Gables has benefitted from  a custom match for Gables’ scent to use in Paint SCENTsations®, a product available at PPG Paints store locations. The housing company also has taken advantage of BREAK-THROUGH!™ paint .

“[Breakthrough] dries within 15 to 20 minutes and it can be used in so many different places: doors, floors, etc. We’ve painted trash room floors,” Maggart says. “It holds up unbelievably… This product is not matched anywhere.”

 Maggart is pleased with the quality of the products and while the highly visible paints and products make a different for Gables out front, behind the scenes the company found more benefits . A streamlined procurement process saves Gables time and resources. PPG ordering connects with the Yardi Marketplace electronic ordering system. The procurement director explains that the purchasing platform enables a simplified, online ordering system, starting with order creation through every step to online invoice payment.

PPG’s broad line of products, high quality service and back office efficiencies provide Gables Residential with the look it seeks, an effective, professional partnership and cost saving systems. Maggart says, “I can’t compare PPG with anyone.”