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Storytelling Can Help Get Signed Leases

storytelling and branding

Digested from Multifamily Insiders

As marketers strive to offer experiences and lifestyles, using a story can create a genuine connection.

While tech presents tremendous opportunities to attract prospects and track how they arrived at your community, good, old-fashioned storytelling can help spark the desire to lease.

“The days of bombarding potential customers with the same marketing message over and over are gone,” Jennifer Lawson writes for Multifamily Insiders. “Now, marketers strive to offer experiences and lifestyles instead. Using a story to pull in a prospect is a powerful way to create a genuine connection between them and your brand. And, once you have that connection, trust and loyalty will follow.”

Lawson suggests that video, social media, website copy, branding elements and email can help an apartment community company share their story and gain edge over the competition. She suggests five things apartment professionals should remember when they market with storytelling, starting with showing people what they’re getting.

“Apartments are meant for living, so find a way to bring your apartment community to life,” Lawson writes. “Rather than saying that your community has a fitness center, show people how they can use it or how it can fit into—and improve—their daily lives.”

Here are the other four tips to marketing with storytelling.