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Stay on Top of Evolving Technologies


Technology is changing the workforce, and apartment community staff should pay attention to how it can make their jobs easier.

Technology in the workplace is far more complex than just sending and responding to email. Social media has become a major component, whether using a traditional platform such as Facebook or an intraoffice network, and use of mobile technology continues to grow, especially with the advent of products such as Apple Watch. Employees need to remain on top of burgeoning technologies to help their companies — and themselves — progress. 

Cybersecurity has been at the forefront of the public’s mind because of data breaches at large retailers such as Home Depot and Target. But more than just financial data can be at stake in the workplace. Staying abreast of cybersecurity issues will be vital, especially given the personal information to which apartment communities are privy.

Cloud computing and video communication will also help the workplace evolve, whether it’s the ability to more directly interact with other offices and properties or to centralize and share files. But perhaps some of the biggest changes that may occur will surround big data and new engagement opportunities such as gamification. Apartment communities likely already have begun to use big data to market their properties, but it can also assist in human resource efforts, including performance analysis and customer service.

As workplace activities continue to change and adapt to new technologies, employees will also need help keeping their day-to-day activities together. E-assistants, such as Siri and Cortana, are projected to play larger roles, especially as the technology evolves.