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States Where Automatic Admission Can Help Student Housing

Automatic Admission Help Student Housing

Digested from Axiometrics

In the 10 states that allow automatic admission, enrollment could increase.

Ten states allow automatic admission to high school graduates who achieve certain standards.

The standards are not uniform. Texas primarily uses class rank to determine eligibility, while South Dakota bases eligibility on the Common Core-based Smarter Balanced assessment, according to Axiometrics’ Dave Sorter.

Other states with schools that offer automatic admission include Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri and Montana.

If you have communities in those states and near schools that offer automatic admission, it could help boost your occupancy, Sorter writes.

“Automatic admissions mean that state universities have a greater chance of growing enrollment – or at least meeting their enrollment objectives – while assuring that top students will be able to pursue a college education,” Sorter writes. “And that enrollment affects student housing demand.”

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