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Start Thinking About Your Next App Now

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Apps are already popping up in Google searches, but how important will they be to SEO strategies in the coming years?

If you do a search for “weather,” a few weather-related apps may pop up in the results, thanks to app indexing. But as the use of mobile devices continues to rise, apps may begin to play a greater role in companies’ SEO strategies.

Google has already made a point of prioritizing mobile in its rankings, as proved by its algorithm change this past April, docking sites for not being mobile-friendly. But the prevalence of apps has introduced new SEO capacities, including deep links to internal app content, that may diminish the search rankings of standard websites in coming years as users seek out more specialized content and engagement.

If you don’t have an app, that’s OK — for now. Every technology takes a few years to become mainstream. But definitely keep an eye on potential app development opportunities, and take advantage of them if a true value-add prospect presents itself.