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Social Media Essentials for Onsite Teams

Social Media Essentials for apartment operation

Digested from Property Management Insider

Finding social media influencers and telling a story can help apartment companies reach more potential customers.

As social media rises in prominence in apartment marketing, marketers need to focus on developing content that pulls people in, according to Leah Mendes and Breanna Kerrigan, writing for Property Management Insider.

“Steve Crescenzo, CEO of Crescenzo Communications, best advises, ‘social media is not about a sales pitch, it’s all about building relationships, communities and tribes with content. It’s about getting your name out there without the hard sell.’ Storytelling helps with this,” Mendes and Kerrigan write.

One way to tell stories and increase engagement is through video. If you do not have a large video budget, photos or quotes with music behind it can be effective.

To reach bigger audiences, it is helpful to find social media influencers. For instance, one apartment community provides free rent to prominent Instagram influencers who agree to regularly post about their leasing and living experience.

“While influencer marketing is relatively new in the multifamily space, apartment communities are getting creative with their approaches,” Mendes and Kerrigan write.

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