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Social Media Content: It’s the Icing on the Cake

Social Media Content

The personality of a cake is always expressed through the icing. Colors, texture, décor, and patterns determine largely the overall expression that creates the essence of the cake and makes it more interesting to the cake spectator. As a result of the presentation of icing on the cake, one will either want to eat it or not. This is the same with social media content.

Your content will be engaging enough for the social media user to engage with your post or not. Engagement is the name of the game. As you engage social media users, they begin to decode your message and share, buy and continue to follow and support your cause.

As social media influencers and managers, we express our thoughts through platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Our content will either engage our followers and potential followers or it will merely be ignored because it was just not interesting enough. How interesting is your “icing?” Is it filled with information that social media users will find appealing? Is it unique? Is it worthwhile?

Constant Contact, Inc. has determined the impact of social media users as follows:

  • 78 percent say a company’s social media posts influence their purchases; 
  • 73 percent are likely to buy from a brand that responds on social media; and
  • 84 percent of social media users share to show their support for a cause.

In other words, we connect through our content. The same source notes one should use social media to, “build and expand relationships, increase brand awareness and grow your e-mail list.” These are all great ways to engage an audience and connect with users. Also, content becomes shareable when it is, “useful, engaging, visual and emotional.”

During an interview with, Kayla Morris Roeder, Cambridge Management Group, when she was asked about social media tactics, says, “You’ll be surprised to learn how much residents and owners are using social media today. It is definitely making an impact on our business.”

As far as using social media to gain a competitive advantage, Roeder says, “Yes, I think it does. Having a social media presence takes time and effort but not a big budget. It is something that everyone can do regardless of the size of your company. And, it keeps us connected to our current and future residents as well as our owners.”

Finally, the “icing” on the cake: How is social media helping you market your business? “Owners use our blog as an up-to-date resource,” Roeder says. “We compile a lot of information about state and local legislation and use this content in our quarterly newsletter. We have a lot of content about rentals in California, and when people are searching for these types of topics, we come up on Google.”

Roeder also shared these tips:

  1. Keep it Simple. Don’t try and tackle everything at the same time;
  2. Be Authentic. Try not to come across as pushy, aggressive, or “sales-y”;
  3. Create Relationships and Build Referrals;
  4. Keep Content Current. Post local updates that effect residents, such as local traffic or water main shut-off;
  5. Set parameters for content to keep your marketing message consistent.

Social media content is the icing on the cake. As for the Community Associations Institute-Georgia Chapter, we use the following platforms: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We find current blogs about Homeowner Associations, follow Georgia General Assembly Legislation and national legislation, for example “HAM Radio” topics, and we engage our followers by telling them about our mission and what the chapter is doing to benefit Georgia’s property Owners.

How are you choosing to craft your icing on your cake? Content is everything in social media. It’s the “icing on the cake!” Be engaging, be interesting, be current, be connected, be fun…be you.

Arletha Grandison, CAM, MBA, is Social Media Manager for the Community Associations Institute-Georgia Chapter.