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Smart Tech Devices Your Residents Will Love

Smart Tech Devices

Digested from USA Today

Smart home tech is all the rage. Who doesn’t want to control everything in their home directly from their smartphone?

If you are looking to offer the latest and greatest gadget in your apartment units, check out the following items, which the editors at, part of the USA Today network, deem particularly useful in apartments and for apartment residents.

  • Smart battery for smoke detectors. The Roost smart battery turns normal (unsmart) smoke detectors into smart devices. With this battery installed, you will get smartphone notifications when the alarm goes off or the battery is low.
  • Security system in a box. Offer residents in-unit video monitoring through one simple device. Simply stick it on a shelf or counter and residents can get HD video streams and notifications via their smartphones.
  • Deluxe showerhead. Install a smart showerhead, and your residents can stream music—and even answer their phone (though isn’t that why voice mail still exists?).
  • Pet camera with barking alert. Help your dog-owning residents sooth their lonely pooches with a pet camera that sends notifications when Fido is barking. Pet owners can then talk Fido off the ledge and trigger the treats dispenser to help him comply.

Check out the article for more ways to make your residents feel like they are George or Jane Jetson.

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