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Smart Home Technologies for Tech-Savvy Residents

Tech-Savvy Residents

Digested from Huffpost

These technologies will appeal to your residents.

The strength of homeowners as a buying force has long been recognized. But Dan DiClerico writes for The Huffington Post that renters should not be underestimated, especially in smart home technology. 

Millennials, specifically older Millennials aged 26 to 34, show strong preferences for smart home technology.

“When it comes to smart home technology, this group consistently shows the highest rates of adoption,” DiClerico writes. “A 2017 report from Mintel, the home market research firm, found that millennials were interested in twice as many smart home devices as other groups.”

But there are some devices that renters should avoid. Start with anything that is covered by building codes or tie into major systems, like a smart thermostat or smoke alarm. But simple devices, like a smart outlet that’s connected to a smartphone app, have great potential for tech-savvy residents.

Pet owners also have some interesting smart home options. GPS-enabled pet trackers attach to an animal’s collar and allows an owner to always know where their pet is. And, for the owner who must see their pet in the middle of the day, there are also options.

“Wi-Fi-connected pet cameras let you have face time with Fido from the office or other remote locations,” DiClerico writes.

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