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How Smart Home Providers are Solving the Apartment Riddle

incorporate smart-home technologies

Digested from gearbrain

Apartment residents might not have the same opportunities to incorporate smart-home technologies into their residences as homeowners do. But some smart home providers are looking to bridge that gap.

Renters care about smart-home products, such as a smart doorbell or a smart thermostat. But as Lauren Barack explains, it is not as easy for them to enjoy the products’ benefits as it is for homeowners because they cannot make modifications to their apartments.

“Sure, some products such as multi-hued light bulbs and Amazon Alexa speakers can be used in any space. But thermostats that can lower the temperature when you’re on vacation, or security cameras that capture who is at your front door have a much more limited pool. Your landlord may not like you drilling into the door to put in a smart doorbell — and you may not have access to wires needed to install a smart thermostat,” Barack writes for gearbrain.

Barack profiles a couple of providers of smart-home services who are working to solve this problem by employing their products into apartments in the construction phase. With the sheer number of potential customer in apartments, it is easy to see why.

“Today [smart-home] options are certainly more present for homeowners, than for renters and those living in city space,” Barack writes. “But with the smart-home market worth a potential $107 billion opportunity in just five years, brands are hardly going to leave any dwelling — and potential customer living inside — behind.”

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