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Simple Ways to Impress Prospects

Impress Prospects

Digested from Multifamily Insiders

Having a neat, clean apartment is only the first step to attracting residents.

When you are preparing a community for rent, it’s important to remember the basics. Emphasize the community’s proximity to the school, employment hubs, sports and leisure facilities and public transportation among other things, according to Joe Killinger.

Killinger, writing for Multifamily Insiders, says it’s important not to forget your community needs to well-presented. Residents “don’t always look for never-before-lived-in apartments; usually, they’d go for units that merely ‘feel’ right, look fresh and clean, and give them an impression of a home,” Killinger writes. “So, before you put up your property for rent, organize an open house or bring in a professional photographer to snap photos of it, consider booking a cleaning agency to spruce up your place and make it sparkle!”

Finally, remember not to force your tastes on prospective residents. “Renters don’t want anyone’s style imposed on them, so make sure your property features neutral colors, plain décor, and not too much furniture,” Killinger writes.

It is important for residents to envision what rooms will look like with their furniture. “Another attraction is light – if the area is dark [with not much natural light], manipulate artificial lighting in a way it brightens up the room,” Killinger writes.

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