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Shutdown Finally Ends

partial government shutdown

Last week, NAA joined a broad group of industry stakeholders in proactively urging Congress and the Administration to negotiate an end to the partial government shutdown. The President announced an agreement between the two sides on Friday to reopen the government for three weeks. While this is an important step, NAA and NMHC will continue to urge the President and Congress to find a permanent solution.

This shutdown has long-term ramifications for not only federal employees and contractors but all business owners in America. Federal workers affected by the shutdown need to know their budgets will be back on track and rental housing providers need certainty that they will have adequate resources to operate their communities in the safe and efficient manner to which residents are accustomed.

There are an estimated 800,000 federal workers affected by the shutdown—about one-third of the total federal workforce. Nearly half of that group was working without pay. The damage that this shutdown has done to their lives and livelihoods is staggering.

NAA remains committed to a long-term solution to this crisis, and have taken the following actions to work toward that: 

  1. NAA joined over 200 organizations in signing a letter prepared by the U.S. Chamber of commerce calling on the President and Congress to end the partial government shutdown.
  2. NAA, as part of another broad coalition of trade groups led by the Consumer Technology Association, has lent its support to a second effort to voice the industry’s opposition to the shutdown and to seek a rapid resolution and return federal employees and contractors to work.

Please consider sharing these efforts with colleagues and your elected officials. Only overwhelming public pressure will persuade lawmakers and the administration to end the shutdown permanently. For the good of the apartment industry, and the nation, a long-term resolution must be found.