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Shifting the Marketing Focus to Women

Marketing Focus Women

Digested From “Developers, Realtors, Builders Shift Marketing Efforts to Women”
Spokesman-Review (01/12/14) Kelly, Tom

More and more builders and developers are realizing that women make a majority of the decisions on where to live. Since the 1960s, the percentage of males entering the U.S. labor force has diminished while the percentage of working women has increased significantly. Today, adult females are more independent, empowered, educated, and employed than ever before -- and often single. Living in communities that emphasize social interaction is a primary driver for women, along with close proximity to jobs and public transportation.  

As for amenities, women are very focused on security. As a group, they are attracted to high-tech home security systems as well as automated home lighting systems. Women also tend to favor communities with amenities that play into the needs of children.  Shared areas are critical to community life in addition to nearby stores, parks, and recreational areas. Communities centered around a single amenity (i.e., a golf course) are perceived as less welcoming for women and children. Doris Perlman, founder and president of Possibilities for Design, conducted research on what will sway Baby Boomer-age women homebuyers. She found that illumination -- both task lighting and natural light -- is of major importance. Technology amenities are also key as more women 55 or older are cyber savvy and use their computers for everything from ordering to correspondence.


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