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Seniors are Moving onto Campus

Seniors moving to Campus

Digested from Yardi’s The Balance Sheet

In a new model, seniors get access to continuing education and healthcare, while students get a chance to expand their research.

At institutions of higher learning, such as Lasell College in Newton, Mass.; and UC San Diego; a new trend that could impact both healthcare and housing is emerging, according to Elizabeth Cutright on Yardi’s The Balance Sheet blog.

“As healthcare technology continues to evolve, universities across the country are bringing senior housing on campus in order to create new models for healthy aging,” Cutright writes. “Hosting seniors on site allows students and faculty to collect healthcare data on residents and use information to develop proactive solutions to senior care. Highly popular, these university-affiliated retirement communities are a win-win for residents and academia.”

These programs benefit seniors, students and the schools. In many cases, seniors can participate in classes and other school activities. As the number of seniors increases, there will not be enough clinicians to support this boom. In this setting, senior housing communities become “primary sites for healthcare,” Dr. Dilip Jeste, M.D., recently told Senior Housing News.

Students can observe the day-to-day routines of the aging population to bolster their research and coursework in healthcare and gerontology.

“There are opportunities in terms of an intergenerational setting as well as the financial health for the retirement community and the college,” Paula Panchuck, Vice President and Dean of Lasell Village, told Senior Housing News. “There are some beautiful synergies that bond us even more closely.”

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