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Senior Housing Ready for Smart Tech

Senior Housing

Digested from Senior Housing News

As more baby boomers enter senior housing, technology upgrades are becoming increasingly important. The trick is figuring out what technology is worth the investment in the senior housing context.

Masonic Homes of California is piloting smart apartment technology at two of its senior communities. The added technology includes “motion sensors that trigger lights at night, voice controls to request help and adjust thermostats and lights, and smart medication dispensers that monitor and update residents’ prescriptions remotely,” according to an article in Senior Housing News.

Masonic Homes of California has already figured out that some smart tech features don’t work as well for its population, such as smart remotes that allow residents to be sedentary for hours at a time and smart doorbells that don’t require them to get up when they have a visitor.

And, as with any other apartment community, technology for technology’s sake is never a good idea. LCS, a senior living operator and developer, tested a robot in a Silicon Valley senior community, but found that it was a solution in search of a problem.

Vitality Senior Living, which just bought its first senior community and has five others in the development pipeline, is also focusing on improving technology for its workers. The company’s goal is for all senior communities to paperless in their operations.

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