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The Schools with the Most On-Campus Supply

Digested from RealPage

A new development has followed at enrollment at these large universities.

Since 2011, a total of 10 universities have added more than 2,300 new on-campus student housing beds, according to RealPage. The schools that have added the most on-campus beds have common threads.

“For one, every school seeing significant on-campus supply has experienced healthy enrollment growth,” wrote Julia Bunch of RealPage. “In student housing, there’s no better demand influencer than more students. “Additionally, many of the top supply schools have seen limited off-campus supply, and some also have a relatively insignificant student competitive market near campus. In several schools, on-campus supply has been chronically overcapacity, making new supply a welcomed addition.”

At the top of the list is Ohio State University, which has added 4,716 beds since 2011.  “Enrollment has grown consistently for the last decade-plus at this downtown Columbus university,” Bunch wrote. “Off-campus supply, despite tripling since 2011, is still constrained compared to on-campus supply. Ohio State, which has a sophomore living requirement, has about 3,300 total off-campus beds.” 

Rounding out the top five in new on-campus supply are a number of West Coast universities—University of Washington (3,646 beds since 2011), University of California, Los Angeles (3,460 beds), University of California, Santa Barbara (3,155 beds) and University of California, San Diego (2,825 beds).

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