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Scaling New Heights to Achieve Management Success

Achieve Management Success

Digested from “On the Edge”
Units magazine (4/16) Boston, Lauren

When bad weather conditions kept her 300 feet from summiting Mount Everest in 2002, it took another eight years for former Wall Street adviser Alison Levine to try again. The second time she succeeded.

“I went back in 2010 to climb in honor of a friend of mine (Meg Berte Owen) who had passed away, and thinking about her and her strength is what gave me the strength to give that mountain another try,” Levine said. Reaching the highest peak in the world, she was able to complete the Adventure Grand Slam — reaching the North and South poles and the highest peak of each continent.

As a New York Times-bestselling author and leadership adviser, Levine’s advice to business leaders is: Confront challenges, but know when to turn back, and don’t be afraid to fail.

Her book, On the Edge, describes how to tackle life’s challenges head-on and become a strong leader. Her top advice is to improve your skills in the workplace by doing something that really scares you outside the office. You don’t necessarily have to scale the highest mountains in the world. You could sign up for a surfing or skydiving lesson or Try stand-up comedy, join Toastmasters or do karaoke.

One climbing lesson she applies when facing difficult decisions: You can’t control the environment — such as weather — but you can control how you react to it.

Levine will share her views on leadership at the 2016 National Apartment Association Education Conference & Exposition.

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