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Residents Allegedly Turn Apartment Home Into Airbnb Rental

Airbnb Rental

Digested from “Landlord claims tenants illegally turned three-bedroom apartment into 10 bedrooms”
Tribune Media (12/10/15)

Two Elmhurst, N.Y., tenants turned a three-bedroom apartment home into a 10-bedroom and used Airbnb to rent the rooms regularly. Once the property owner found out, though, he tore down the renovations and locked the tenants out. Now he’s taking the pair to court to evict them.

The apartment home in question is on the third floor of a three-story home, owned by Eddie Shiew. Shiew rented the space to Burak Firik and Dogan Kimilli for $2,500 a month, and they began renovating the apartment shortly thereafter. Another resident on the property notified Shiew of the construction, which involved segmenting each of the three bedrooms into three separate sections with Sheetrock.

Firik and Kimilli still lease the property — they won a court order against Shiew for changing the locks — and continue to rent it out on Airbnb. (Curtains now divide each bedroom.) Shiew is working to have them evicted for violating their lease, which states that residents are not allowed to modify the apartment without the owner’s consent.

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