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Recycling to be Required at All Apartment Communities in Portland, Maine

Recycling Required

Portland Press Herald

In an effort to expand recycling beyond single-family homes and small apartment buildings, the City of Portland is requiring all apartment communities to provide recycling services for residents by Jan. 1. Property owners who do not comply may be subject to fines randing from $50 to $150. Approximately 10,000 housing units currently are not participating in Portland’s waste management program.

When the ordinance was first proposed in 2013, it was returned to the Transportation, Sustainability and Energy Committee for further discussion and input from local rental property owners, who had not received notification from the City Council as to their intentions. The council and city officials worked to give rental property owners as much flexibility as possible under the ordinance.

The ordinance allows landlords to maintain their existing waste hauling contracts as they set up their own single-sort recycling programs and to request an extension under certain circumstances. However, the committee rejected a recommendation from the city’s Multi-family Recycling Task Force to spend $40,000 on recycling bins for the 10,000 units. Instead, the city will invest between $3,500 and $5,000 in educational outreach.