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To Reach Your Residents, You Have to Text

Text apartment residents

Digested from Multifamily Insiders

Find out why texting is so important -- and the other ways to reach today’s customers.

Today’s residents do not communicate the same way they did 10 or 20 years ago. Instead, of making a phone call or walking into the leasing office to chat, they would much rather text. That means management companies need to find the best way to reach these customers.

Writing for Multifamily Insiders, Ross’ Terry Brewer lays out a strategy. And it starts with texting.

“Communicating via text message is a form of interaction that has become so deeply engrained within our society, it’s starting to replace phone, email and even in-person conversations altogether,” Brewer writes. “Text messages can even replace email blasts. While many residents still communicate via email, a text message goes immediately to their phones where they will easily be able to see it.”

While Skype, Snapchat and even email blasts can be useful, social media is essential.

“These platforms are a great way to engage your residents online – where they spend most of their time,” Brewer writes. “Social media sites can promote a property's news and information as well as deepen the sense of community that your residents feel with your staff and with each other.”

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