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Proper Leasing Requires Mix of High Tech and Low Tech

Proper Leasing

Digested from Student Housing Business

While today’s students are always connected to their mobile devices, on-the-ground marketing is still important.

In today’s student housing market, attracting residents requires more than just great social media and a strong website. You still need on-the-ground marketing.

“In the audience that we’re trying to capture — students — a lot of it is word of mouth, so having a balance between digital and on-the-ground marketing is important,” Felipe Beraldo, senior director of business development at LoftSmart told Student Housing Business. “Whether it’s a school partnership or a partnership with the student body or Greek Life, it really helps a lot in organically tapping into student’s own social networks. We found these partnerships to be very successful in getting someone’s brand, messaging and marketing out there to get feet onto your property.”

When a student housing operator is developing a marketing plan for a community, it must know that property’s strengths and weaknesses. That should help shape social media campaigns.

Once the student arrives for a visit, it’s student housing operators need to go back to good old-fashioned sales to close the deal.

“Once you’ve gotten a student through the doors of your community for a site tour, the next important steps are making sure that they connect with your property’s leasing agent and creating a memorable experience,” according to Student Housing Business.

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