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A Plan to Maintain Exterior Lighting

Maintain Exterior Lighting

Digested from Property Management Minutes

If no onsite staff is working night-time hours, it can be difficult to determine when exterior lighting burns out. Here is a plan to ensure that everything is functioning properly.

Maintaining exterior lighting can be an under-the-radar challenge for community managers. While onsite staff can inspect most things for potential repairs during daily tours, exterior light fixtures usually cannot be inspected because timers or photo cells are programmed for the lights to be during the day.

The problem is that exterior lighting needs to be checked regularly because it is critically important.

“It illuminates the parking lots, streets and building entrances,” Lori Hammond writes for Property Management Minutes. “Exterior lighting creates a sense of safety. Without any reports of lights out, it is assumed that lights are operational. Then a resident comes to the office to report that his car was broken into, vandalized, or even worse, a resident falls.”

Hammond suggests having property staff inspect the lighting while they work after hours.

“Each week, on the first occasion the staff receives a call out, an inspection of the property exterior lighting is completed,” Hammond writes. “Use a map of the property, with each of the exterior light posts or building wall mounted lights already identified; the on-call staff can mark the map with date and time. The log verifies either lights are operational or in need of repairs.”

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