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Picking the Right Pet Amenities

Pet Amenities

Digested from Multi-Housing News

By now you know all about the popularity of pet washing stations and dog parks. Those are not the only features you can add to attract pet owners.

Dedicated spaces for pet owners can be a major draw, according to Multi-Housing News’ Adina Marcut.

“While you might not want to allow residents to add doggy doors to their apartments, you can still allow pet owners to make some changes to have access to a private area, like a basement or another room where they can store their cats’ litter boxes, dogs’ leashes and toys, etc.,” Marcut writes. “Another option is to have a separate room for the pets to play.”

When it rains, dogs often get muddy. That’s why Marcut suggests mud rooms as an option. “It’s a bonus room where you can remove your own dirty shoes and wet jackets, but also wipe down muddy paws and messy fur,” Marcut writes.

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