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Phillips Management Group Commemorates National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

On January 11, to commemorate National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, Phillips Management Group (PMG) employees and residents joined together in a participatory sidewalk art installation called the Red Sand Project to raise awareness about the 40.3 million people trapped in modern-day slavery today.

As part of the Red Sand Project, employees and residents at PMG’s 30 offices and properties will fill sidewalk cracks with red sand as part of a participatory artwork installation. The sand represents people in our communities who have fallen through the cracks and are trapped in modern-day slavery or other forms of exploitation.

The Red Sand Project at 1400 Battleground Ave. had a great turnout with three women from SJL Properties and two guest speakers Sergeant Dale Nix of the Greensboro Police Dept. Family Victim’s Unit and Sonya Desai of the Family Justice Center.