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Pet Services on the Rise

These four-legged family members are getting special treatment at apartment communities across the country.

Nearly 80 million U.S. homes include a pet, including apartment homes, according to the American Pet Products Association. Pet ownership has increased from 56 percent of U.S. households in 1988 to 65 percent in 2015-16. And owners are increasingly treating these pets less like friends and more like family members.

Apartment communities are responding accordingly by providing an array of services, from pet parks to pet spas. Yardi reports that Woodmont Properties has added indoor pet washing stations that residents can use in lieu of paying for expensive groomers, Aphora at Marina San Pablo has installed a pet elevator for easier transit, and Avana Alexandria even has a dog park with an agility course. Apartment companies such as Greystar and REVA Development Partners are hosting pet-friendly events, such as “yappy hours” and pet adoption seminars, to support interest in animals. 

Services such as pet walking and grooming are also being developed at other apartment communities. They can be a great way to cater to resident needs even if you don’t have the space for more expansive amenities. Keeping facilities clean can help as well, for existing residents and prospective residents alike. Help residents pick up after their pets by adding more dispensers around properties.

The key is to make pets feel like welcome residents in communities, especially when residents are spending extra deposits and fees for their four-legged friends.