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Oregon to Consider Statewide Rent-Control Measures

Oregon Rent Control

Digested from “Housing crisis: Renter protection bill drops relocation costs, retaliation change” (2/5/16) Theriault, Dennis C.

Oregon legislators are reviewing provisions to provide relief to renters facing increasingly unaffordable rents by increasing rent increase and eviction notice provisions and providing safeguards for initial rental rates.

House Bill 4143 would ban rent increases for the first year in which a resident occupies an apartment home, after which owners would be required to provide at least 90 days’ notice of rent increases, as well as of no-cause eviction. Currently, property owners only need to provide 30 days’ notice for rent increases after the first year of residency and 60 days’ notice for no-cause eviction.

Provisions scrapped from the bill during the review process were owner payment of relocation fees if the lease was terminated without cause and proof that owners who evict residents six months after receiving complaints about living conditions aren’t retaliating against them. 

Portland came under fire late last year for similar provisions, which may have been in breach of state law. Statewide provisions should provide consistency and alleviate concerns of breach of state law.  

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