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Online Services Become More Attainable for Smaller Apartment Owners

Apartment Online Services

Digested from Multi-Housing News

As more apartment firms offer online portals, residents expect services to be able to pay bills and submit maintenance requests over the internet.

For larger apartment companies providing services like online payments and maintenance requests are standard. But, cost has stood in the way of some smaller firms making investments in these offerings.

That is changing. With online portals becoming more common, they have become less expensive and easier to customize, writes Multi-Housing News’ Meeghan Fuhr.

Residents have also come to expect the convenience of completing tasks online, specifically the ability to make payments over the internet, according to Fuhr.

“There are many different online payment services that can provide extra convenience, such as recurring payments, SMS payments, automatic reminders, access to payment history and emailed receipts,” Fuhr writes. “Some programs also let you decide who pays the transaction fee, with the choice of splitting the fee between the landlord and resident.”

Outside of payments, apartment firms can also offer resident applications, approvals and denials, maintenance request submissions and copies of leases online. Fuhr writes that it is often best to start implementing these improvements slowly.

With time sensitive issues, it may still be best to encourage residents to call or even text.

“There can be downsides, however, to removing the interaction between residents and landlords,” Fuhr writes. “An issue that often comes up among renters is that they feel their maintenance requests aren’t being handled as quickly when submitted online.”

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