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Online Reviews Are Crucially Important in Student Housing

Online Reviews

Digested from “Why Online Reviews Matter a Lot in Student Housing”
Multifamily Insiders (4/25/16) Places4Students

Google may have more to do with of student housing selection than one may think. It’s common practice for consumers to use online reviews to help them make purchasing decisions, and that also holds true when it comes to students finding that perfect place to live near their university.

SearchEngineLand, says that after restaurants, the apartment industry is the most impacted by online reviews. When students search Google Maps for locations of prospective housing units, star ratings and reviews pop up right next to the listing. Students may not intentionally be searching specifically for a review, but Google will serve reviews to them anyway, even if they were just looking for an apartment’s distance from campus.

Bad reviews can have a substantial negative impact on leasing, especially since potential tenants can filter their search results by ratings and are likely to only consider housing communities with high ratings. According to Convergys, one bad review can cost a property as many as 20 potential resident visits.

The trust that prospective tenants put into reviews makes online reputation management more important than ever, and this is particularly true when it comes to managing Google Search results. Owners should make sure to respond to any negative issues to keep their ratings high.

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