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Online Marketing Trends That Help to Increase Revenue

Digital Marketing tatics increase revenue

Digested from Inc.

Finding the right influencer is the only thing you need to do to stay on top of your game. Here are tips to properly utilize the web, social media and video to broaden your audience.

The online marketing landscape is constantly evolving. To continually increase revenue, businesses need to stay abreast of the latest changes in web, social media and video.

With Facebook and Instagram launching live-streaming platforms, businesses have the opportunity to broadcast education, messaging or marketing to their past, present and future customers, Andrew Thomas writes for Inc.

Ephemeral content is another way marketers can reach large audiences.

“Savvy brands are now producing short strings of content in the form of videos and images that disappear after they are seen, or after a short period of time,” Thomas writes. “It provides you with the opportunity to engage users with impermanent content that can be more playful and informal than the usual ‘styled’ posts you see on Instagram and Facebook.”

Content marketing can help brands build their authority on a given topic and can help with marketing, lead generation, SEO and brand awareness. Thomas suggests starting with videos, through a YouTube channel, or a company blog. If the blog is maintained consistently and its posts are shared across all social channels, companies can start driving traffic to their products and services.

To spread that content as widely as possible, companies need to identify the proper influencers on Instagam and Twitter.

“When searching for an influencer, try not to confuse overall reach with engagement,” Thomas writes. “Just because an account has two million Instagram followers doesn't mean it's a good fit for your brand or efforts. Instead, pay attention to both their content and engagement. Make sure they post relevant and quality content and have good [and real] engagement on their posts.”

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