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The Online Complaints Most Likely to Ruin Your Reputation

Online Reputation

Digested from Multifamily Insiders

Not having apartments ready for move in and not following up with residents can damage a community’s reputation. Here are other kinds of negative reviews to avoid.

In a recent survey, more than 62 percent of 25,000 residents indicated that they use online ratings at the beginning of their apartment search, J Tuner Research’s Priyanka Agarwal wrote for Multifamily Insiders.

Those numbers show the importance of earning positive online reviews. When management companies receive complaints, some are more damaging than others. For instance, residents are turned off when an apartment owner offers a secure, gated community, but those gates do not function correctly or never close.
Residents are also frustrated when their apartment is not move-in ready and the office team does not follow up.

“Residents, often, are upset by a lack of responsiveness from the office team,” Agarwal writes. “They can get very annoyed when staff members don’t communicate in a timely manner, don’t return phone calls and messages, don’t follow-through on maintenance and other requests with specific status updates.”
The most damaging reviews are ones alleging racial discrimination.

“Residents feel victimized due to ‘perceived’ racial discrimination by a specific staff member. Residents also notice how staff members deal with a diverse resident body,” Agarwal writes. “If the interaction is not respectful by their standards, the resident may misconstrue it as an act of racial discrimination.”

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