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November Apartment Jobs Snapshot

Apartment Jobs Snapshot

The Apartment Jobs Snapshot is a monthly product from NAAEI highlighting labor force trends in the rental housing industry. It examines the total job posting trends by position, category and geography, as well as providing fresh and detailed updates for industry employers. The snapshot will feature enhanced analysis at the close of each quarter.

Over 9,600 rental housing jobs were available during November, accounting for 34 percent of the broader real estate sector, just slightly below the monthly average for the year. Las Vegas entered the top 5 for apartment job demand for the first time this year, while Nashville marked its fifth month in the rankings. November’s issue highlights the Assistant Property Manager. As expected, experience required was at the entry level, but 78 percent of employers were seeking candidates who already had property management skills. Read on for more. 

November Apartment Jobs SnapshotNovember Apartment Jobs Snapshot